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Animal testing 

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Cosmetic products sold in Europe are not tested on animals. This is true whether or not the product makes an ‘animal friendly’ claim.

The ban on animal testing of cosmetic products in the EU came into effect in September 2004. It has been illegal to test cosmetic product on animals in Europe since that time. In the UK, testing of cosmetic products was banned in 1997 after a voluntary initiative by industry which led to all licences for testing cosmetic products to be withdrawn.

How do we assure safety of cosmetic products?

All cosmetic products are required to be safe. Not only is there a legal obligation, cosmetic manufacturers also have a moral obligation to produce only safe products. It is important to the cosmetics companies that customers have confidence in the safety of the products they use. Every product must undergo a safety assessment before it can be placed on the market.

The safety assessment of a cosmetic product is based on the safety profile of its ingredients. The majority of products are made from ingredients that have a well-established safety record. SInce the safety of the finished product can be assessed based on the safety of its ingredients, there is no need to test finished product on animals.

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