Sort out which are myths or scares and put what you read into perspective

Your safety matters to us 

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This section covers safety matters because, indeed, safety matters. The safety of our customers is the number one priority of the cosmetics industry, with manufacturers recognising their responsibilities and often going beyond their legal obligations. Indeed, there is a high degree of co-operation between the industry and the regulatory authorities both in the UK and at European level to ensure that you the consumer are properly protected through legislative controls.

coloured powdersIn spite of this, there are still many false allegations levelled against cosmetics manufacturers, accusing them of selling unsafe products and using harmful ingredients. These allegations are just that, false. They can be a way to persuade you to buy another range of products, rather than necessarily acting in the interests of your health.

You can find out the facts about these alarmist reports in these pages. Unlike rumours or scare stories, the information here can be verified by scientific proof or with independent authorities. Responsible manufacturers invest their reputation in their brands, building trust with loyal customers and relying on customer satisfaction for their success. Such companies are not going to jeopardise that by selling unsafe or unsatisfactory products.

Often the media pick up on press releases from new scientific studies. It is important that the whole paper is analysed to ensure the reporting is accurate. The cosmetics industry takes its responsibility to consumers very seriously and is keen to investigate any new scientific study or report to see what implications, if any, there are for cosmetic products. Whilst new science is of interest and academic importance, it is very important to put the science into the context of the wealth of research already available.

In this section you will find references to many of the questions regarding product and ingredient safety that you may have. The answers will include links to other sources where you may find additional information.

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