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How does baby lotion work?

Baby lotions are essentially a blend of oil and water with other ingredients added to give them their pleasant feel, colour and light fragrance. They are designed to cleanse, moisturise and protect your baby's skin and can be used as an alternative to baby wipes.

For example, baby lotions can be used with cotton wool as a cleanser at nappy changing time or you can use it to give your baby a relaxing massage to help rehydrate the skin. Thanks to their gentle nature and cleansing properties, baby lotions are often used by adults as a make-up remover on their own skin.

Baby lotions are specially formulated to be kind to very young skin. However, if your baby suffers from sensitive skin, there are also fragrance-free options available. If your baby's skin is irritated, you should seek advice from your doctor, health visitor or other healthcare professional. If the irritation occurred after using a personal care product, you should also contact the manufacturer (careline or helpline numbers are provided on the pack) so that they are aware that someone has experienced a reaction to their product.

Are baby lotions safe?

As with all cosmetics intended for use on children under three years old, baby lotions have to pass their own special safety assessment, so parents can feel confident they are safe to use on young children's skin. It's important to remember to always follow the instructions for use.

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