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Hydrogen Peroxide - safe use in hair products

Hydrogen Peroxide is a pale blue liquid that has many uses including bleaching agent, disinfectant and antiseptic.

It has been safely used in the hairdressing industry to lighten hair for decades in products such as permanent oxidative colorants, hair lighteners, lightening (bleach) products, permanent waves or straighteners and colorant remover.

The use of hydrogen peroxide in cosmetic products is covered by strict safety laws. Home-use products that contain hydrogen peroxide, such as hair colorants, typically contain low concentrations of around 3% and professional (salon) products tend to contain higher levels - up to a maximum of 12%.

Since hydrogen peroxide has the ability to cause skin and eye irritations it must be handled carefully. It also readily reacts with the air and other materials which can result in explosions, so it is important to keep it in an airtight container and out of the light. At all times keep away from naked flames, from any sources.

It is extremely important for all salons, and those hair professionals with mobile businesses, to follow any instructions issued with all products and to take account of the handling, storage and reactivity information for hydrogen peroxide. It is also important to follow the manufacturers' Health and Safety instructions, including that for suitable storage, transport and spillages.

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