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Brand New Look for thefactsabout!

04 October 2019

We are delighted to unveil a new-look for thefactsabout website which has had a complete make-over, taking all the information from our previous website while improving access to the knowledge and science that CTPA is well-known for.

We are delighted to unveil a new-look for thefactsabout website which has had a complete make-over, taking all the information from our previous website while improving access to the knowledge and science for which CTPA is well-known.

Many of you will already be familiar with thefactsabout the CTPA’s public-facing website providing the science behind the cosmetic and personal care products that we use in our everyday lives.  With misinformation able to spread so rapidly in the modern age, this site is completely brand-neutral providing consumers and the media with scientific facts in plain English, avoiding technical jargon and linking to credible third party sources to enable you to make up your own mind based on scientific evidence.  Understanding the complex science behind cosmetics and personal care products can seem daunting and steering though the myths that circulate about some ingredients can be challenging, but with the knowledge CTPA provides you’ll be an expert yourself in no time, just remember – every single thing on earth is a chemical!

We hope that you will find the new navigation easy to use.  In particular, Hot Topics which highlight issues that are being discussed in the media today, now has its own clearly marked section as does the Science Behind and Advice.  If you read or hear something that causes you concern you can search the site to find out the facts of the story.

Who are we?

If this is the first time you’re experiencing either our website or the CTPA as a company and association, hello and welcome!

The Association has been established since 1945 when the cosmetics industry was composed of a large number of relatively small manufacturers, some with well-known names that are still thriving today.  The prime purpose in those early days was the need for a concerted effort to find ways of overcoming the challenges caused by World War II, such as shortages of raw materials and high taxes on what were then termed ‘luxury’ goods. 

The modern day CTPA represents the extensive cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery industry in the UK with all types of companies involved in making, providing services, supplying and selling cosmetics and personal care products in membership.  As the voice of the British cosmetics industry, CTPA promotes best practice and advise companies about the strict legal framework for cosmetics.  Representing industry views to the UK Government and external stakeholders worldwide, we also provide information to the media on issues relating to the safety of cosmetic products.  The CTPA team has pharmacists, cosmetic chemists, regulatory specialists and environmentalists involved in ensuring that the very best advice is available to members on all issues pertaining to the making and supplying of cosmetics and personal care products.

Our key roles are:

  • Promoting the strengths of a well-regulated industry.

  • Promoting best practices by working with all stakeholders to ensure high quality cosmetic products are made to the highest possible safety standards.

  • Providing scientific strength and a credible coordinated voice to the UK Government, the EU authorities (through the European Personal Care Association, Cosmetics Europe), the media and other key stakeholders.

  • Maximising the opportunities for companies to innovate and provide consumers with the choice they demand.

Read more about the CTPA and the work we do in the ‘Who we are’ section and our new main CTPA website where detailed information on the regulatory framework and FAQs to help companies understand their legal obligations can be found.