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EU Referendum outcome does not change UK cosmetics laws

Following the outcome of the Referendum on the United Kingdom's status in the European Union, CTPA would like to reassure its members, the cosmetics industry at large and of course our millions of consumers that the UK decision to leave the EU does not alter the strict safety laws that govern our cosmetic products.

The UK as of now is still a full member of the EU and the current legal structure will stay unchanged for the time being - indeed, the process of transitioning will take years. For our cosmetics sector, it means that all existing laws, regulations and guidelines remain in place exactly as they did before the vote - nothing changes. In particular, it means that all of the cosmetics sold in the UK must continue to comply fully with the European Cosmetic Products Regulation, including requirements relating to safety, labelling and the ban on animal testing. Consumers may have concerns about the ban on animal testing, but we would like to stress that the UK cosmetics industry voluntarily abandoned animal testing seven years ahead of the EU-wide ban, so you can be assured this is not going to change.

The European Cosmetic Products Regulation is seen globally as a success and many other jurisdictions across the world look to it for inspiration. It will remain a passport for trade.

A joint Statement has been issued by the European Parliament, European Council and European Commission.

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