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Government's Response to EAC Report on Microplastics

The UK Government has issued its response to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) Report on the Environmental impact of Microplastics (published 24 August 2016), which also discusses the effects of plastic microbeads from cosmetic products on the marine environment.

Today's Government response refers to its announcement (03 September) proposing to ban the use of plastic microbeads in cosmetic products which may cause harm to the marine environment.

We await with interest the upcoming Defra report on the effects on health of pollution of several kinds including microplastics.

We welcome the Government's acknowledgement that cosmetics are a small contributor to plastic marine litter. While the cosmetics industry across Europe took the collective responsible decision in 2015 to remove plastic microbeads from products where they may reach the marine environment, CTPA has highlighted that the proposed ban will ensure that all products entering the UK market are in compliance.

It is also encouraging to hear the plans to investigate the major contributors to marine plastic litter.

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