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Home manicure? Nailed it!

Have your nails been caught unawares by the COVID-19 lockdown?

DIY Nail Art with Nail Polish  

To make sure your nails still look fabulous and to distract you from being stuck in the house, why not try a DIY manicure at home using different nail polishes?  It is a great opportunity to experiment using your artistic skills, and on the plus side, polish is quick and easy to remove if your nail art doesn’t quite go to plan. 

Check out the Instagram pages and websites of different nail polish brands for inspiration on different designs, and even some tips and instructions on how to replicate these designs yourself. 

Removing Artificial Nails 

Maybe you didn’t get a chance to have your acrylic or gel nails removed before your salon had to close.  Lots of people are finding themselves in this situation and many helpful resources, both articles and videos, are appearing all over the internet to help you to remove your artificial nails at home.  When you are following tips on how to remove them, just remember to do it gently and carefully to avoid damaging your natural nails. 

Back to the Salon  

When you are next able to visit the salon again, ask your nail professional whether they know about CTPA’s "Guideline on Artificially Enhanced Nails and Minimising the Risk of Allergy". The guide has been developed for salon professionals, consumers, manufacturers and others with involvement in artificially enhanced nails. The Guideline explains that dermatologists are seeing an increase in the rates of allergic reaction to acrylate monomers in Liquid and Powder (L&P) and UV cured gel nail systems, and contains advice on how to minimise the risk of developing such an allergy. 

The Guideline contains advice for safe use of these products for both salon professionals and end users, highlighting the following key points: 

  • Avoid skin contact 
  • Apply to healthy nails only 
  • Wear appropriate gloves 
  • Do not reuse gloves 
  • Remove gloves in a manner which avoids skin contact with the contaminated part of the gloves 
  • Use the correctly-matched lamp and gel system 
  • Use reputable products which comply with cosmetics legislation 


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