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Remember, remember to protect your skin this 5th November!

We’re due for a cold and dry bonfire night this year which should be brilliant for everyone wanting to get out and enjoy the fireworks, but don’t forget about protecting your skin while you do

At CTPA, we love a reason to get together and have a laugh, and spending time with friends and family while seeing some spectacular fireworks sounds like our ideal Friday night.  However, just because you’re wrapped up warm doesn’t mean you’re fully protected when it comes to your skin.

Cold, dry air in the autumn and winter months can be very appealing to some people but it is also causes the water in our skin to evaporate much faster.

Here’s the science

Our skin is made up of different layers. The very top layer - the stratum corneum - of the epidermis (the outermost layer of our skin) consists of 15% water.  When the moisture content of the stratum corneum falls below 10%, the skin appears dry and flaky and further drying can even lead to reduced flexibility and cracking, which nobody wants!

What can we do?

The number one priority on bonfire night of course is staying safe and not get too close to bonfires and the fireworks themselves.  However, there are also some easy practical things we can do to protect our skin, such as making sure to drink plenty of water and moisturising regularly before and after being out in the cold.

More science

Moisturisers can play a key role in both adding water to the skin and keeping it hydrated.  Using ingredients like humectants, moisturisers both attract water and conserve the water that is already in the skin.  The repeated use of moisturisers then increases the level of water in the skin and keeps cell turnover active (it’s always important to moisturise, even in warmer times).

Using cosmetic products can help keep our skin in good condition and there are different types of moisturisers for every type of skin.  Learn more by reading our page!

From everyone at CTPA, we hope you have a fantastic bonfire night!

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