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Safety of cosmetic talc

You may have heard reports about a recent legal case in the US regarding the use of cosmetic talc and a possible link with ovarian cancer. This will cause alarm for many of us who use talcum powder ourselves and on our babies.

CTPA cannot comment on the details of the legal case; however we are surprised and disappointed by the link made in the case between talc and a risk of cancer. This goes against all the independent international scientific studies into talc safety which have concluded that there is no connection between cosmetic talc and any form of cancer. This is in addition to the legally required intensive safety assessments that all cosmetic product manufacturers carry out on their products to ensure they are safe to use as intended.

Safety is the number one priority of the cosmetics industry. Wherever in the world a cosmetic product is placed on the market, it must be safe. In the UK, and throughout the EU, cosmetic products are regulated by strict European legislation to protect those who use cosmetics. There are three layers to the safety assurance process:

  1. European legislation requires cosmetics to be safe.

  2. The professional Safety Assessor personally signs-off to say the cosmetic product is safe.

  3. Products placed on the market are monitored; any adverse reactions are addressed by companies and may have to be reported to the authorities.

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