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Supply of Mica for Cosmetic Products

You may have read recently about a report from Terre des Hommes regarding the supply of the ingredient mica, used in some cosmetic products. The report claims that child labour might be involved in the sourcing of mica.

CTPA and the cosmetics industry is extremely concerned by such allegations. Companies take their social responsibilities in such areas very seriously indeed.

Reports such as the one from Terre des Hommes are important to continue raising awareness of unethical practices and CTPA welcomes discussion in this area.

Developing nations are confronted with many difficulties and individual companies have codes of conduct in place that take into account the communities with which they work. Cosmetic manufacturers also work with their suppliers to create local sustainable sources wherever possible. This helps to avoid practices where people of all ages could be exploited and seeks to introduce labour standards which preclude the employment of children.

Companies often work with organisations, such as NGOS and charities, on specific initiatives in the countries affected in order to avoid exploitation and improve the circumstances of the local communities to raise awareness of the role of education, healthcare and childcare.

The cosmetics industry is committed to making positive contributions to the communities where products are manufactured and sourced in full respect of local and international legislation, while of course producing safe and effective products which meet the needs of consumers.

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