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Driving Towards a Net Positive Cosmetics Industry

Sustainability is a key focus for us all. As the public voice of the UK cosmetics and personal care industry, CTPA is in a unique position to effect change at a pre-competitive level.

CTPA worked with leading International sustainability non-profit organisation, Forum for the Future, to develop an ambitious Sustainability Strategy, 'Driving Towards a Net Positive Cosmetics Industry'. The strategy is born from a passion to make the cosmetics and personal care industry a force for good by putting more back into society and the environment than is taken out. Building on the great work members are doing individually on sustainability, the Association is bringing members together to share best practice and drive system-wide change to represent a balanced, conscientious, world-leading industry. Net Positive is considered as a new way of operating which puts more back into society by delivering benefits that extend far beyond traditional organisational boundaries, contributing more to the environment and the global economy than it takes out.

CTPA engages with like-minded organisations, such as INCPEN (Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment), The British Plastics Federation, the British Retail Consortium, Cosmetics Europe and recycling charity Wrap (supporting the The UK Plastics Pact, Clear on Plastics and Recycle Now) to actively progress the aims and objectives of its Sustainability Strategy. Through working together, we can better navigate challenges that the sector faces and drive systemic change.

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