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All ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products undergo many studies, run by both industry expert scientists and independent scientists reporting to authorities across the world, before being introduced to the market. Also, every single cosmetic product must be approved by a safety expert before being sold. This safety assessment looks at the wealth of science behind the ingredients, who uses the products, how they are used and how often over a lifetime. Once in the marketplace, companies continue to monitor consumers' use of their products and any new science that becomes available to affirm a product's ongoing safety. Cosmetic products in the UK must pass these strict assessments which are governed by the UK Cosmetics Regulation, a mandatory system which is a gold standard for safety.

Many claims are made online, via apps and other sources questioning the ingredients in our favourite products. These rumours do not take into account the vast amount of science and expertise behind every cosmetic ingredient and product. Misinformation is spread very easily, and sensational headlines can also cause fear. However, decisions over safety must be based on facts and data, on the evidence itself, and not on rumours or myths - no matter how often reported.

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