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As scientists learn more about the process of cell ageing, this knowledge can be applied to products designed to minimise the consequences.

Whilst we may not be able literally to turn the clock back, we can reduce the impact of normal cellular ageing to 'make the best of what we have'. One important example of slowing the signs of ageing is sun protection products - think back to the days when we did not know about the damage to our skin from UV rays, and now we can reduce this by taking care not to extend our time in the sun and by using appropriate sun protection products, amongst other sun safety steps.

Protecting against cell damage from free radicals is another area of progress and anti-oxidant ingredients are beneficial here.  Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are skincare ingredients which have been in use for many years to promote skin surface cell turnover for fresh, glowing skin.

The skill of the cosmetic company is in getting the science to work in a consumer-friendly product rather than in theory and making sure the claims made for the product can be supported and are clearly explained for the user

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