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Botox Treatments

Botox treatments and any treatment involving injection under the skin are not cosmetic products; Botox is a prescription-only licensed medicine. Cosmetic products themselves are covered by strict cosmetic safety laws.

Licensed medicines such as Botox are controlled through the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency which issues a marketing authorisation for each product. Patients requiring Botox must be seen by a doctor or a suitably qualified practitioner. We would advise anyone considering a treatment of this nature to only visit a reputable clinic displaying the appropriate professional qualifications.

So-called "off-label" uses of Botox for "cosmetic procedures" does not change its classification as a medicine and the requirement for the involvement of an appropriate practitioner.

It is often wrongly claimed that Botox is a cosmetic product and any animal testing of it therefore contravenes the strict animal testing bansĀ for cosmetic ingredients and products. This is just not the case. These testing bans are supported and adhered to by the cosmetics industry. Companies marketing treatments such as Botox must comply with the appropriate regulatory requirements for injectable medicines.

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