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Some people may look for 'fragrance-free', 'unscented' or 'unperfumed' cosmetic products for a number of reasons.

They may want to avoid fragrance altogether or they may just be trying to ensure that a skin cream or antiperspirant will not clash with their preferred eau de toilette or perfume.

If someone buys a fragranced product, he or she can reasonably expect that fragrance to be noticeable after the product has been used. In contrast, they should not be able to notice any smell after using a fragrance-free, unscented or unperfumed product. However, unscented or unperfumed products may well contain a small amount of fragrance to cover-up, or mask, the natural smell of the ingredients in the product.

If you want to avoid fragrance altogether, you must look at the ingredients list, which is usually on the outer packaging or close by at the point of sale. Any added fragrance is always identified by the word 'parfum' in the ingredients list. You must also avoid any essential oils because, as well as having a strong smell, they often have the same natural constituents that are used in fragrances.

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