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Hormones are substances produced by the body as part of the endocrine system, and they act like a 'communication system' for the body.

There are lots of different types of hormones, and each one has its own particular function within the body. Hormones affect our growth, how we react to situations, how we metabolise sugar and how we develop sexually.

Hormones are present in the body at different concentrations - some of which are really low levels, such as in the order of 'parts per billion' or 'ppb' (1 ppb is the same as 1 second in 30 years); but you also have to consider how 'strong' the effect of the hormone is.

Hormones travel around the body and when they get to where they need to work, they do their job.

An example of a natural hormone present in the body is oestrogen.

Hormones (for example, progestogens, oestrogens and anti-androgens of steroidal structure) are prohibited from being present in cosmetic products, so any cosmetic product containing hormones would be illegal in the EU.

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