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The relationship between people and cosmetics is a fundamental one, we have always lived with and wore cosmetics as far back in civilisation as we are able to find! The way that people have used cosmetic products throughout the ages has changed at times but the fundamental desire to alter and improve our appearance through products hasn't changed at all.

In our modern society, cosmetic products are some of the most widely used products in society, meaning that they are also some of the most analysed, manufactured and regulated products, in order to ensure that they are and always will be safe to use. Whole teams of scientists work together to create a single new cosmetic product.

The ingredients we now use are also very different from those in the past, meaning that cosmetics today have a wide range of benefits on top of their primary function. These products are for everyone whatever their age, type of skin and hair or gender or sexual orientation. Cosmetic products help each of us express ourselves, feel better about our bodies and use them to enhance our wellbeing, making us more confident to go about our daily lives. Our industry is proud of the part that it plays every day, making safe and effective products for everyone.

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