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There are plenty of different ways to add some excitement and colour to your fingers and toes using nail products and tools to keep those nails looking clean and tidy, or unique and arty.  

There is a strong love in the UK for nail products, with UK shoppers spending around £150 million per year on nail cosmetics. It's no surprise that companies invest in innovative new products to help create fantastic art for our nails! 

Within this section, you can learn about how an everyday product such as nail polish has developed over many generations. There is also information about the many types of artificial or fake (also known as false) nails, including how they are applied and what can be done to reduce your risk of an allergic reaction. Those classed as cosmetics (for example gels and acrylics) have to follow strict rules on the ingredients that can be used but it is also important that they are applied safely. 

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