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Everyone who has ever grown or attempted to grow a beard knows how itchy your skin can feel in the first stages of growth, and with the current trend for beards set to stay with us, it's a 'growing' problem!

Beard and facial hair is generally wiry and can cause an annoying itch. Sharp edges from shaving can irritate the edges of the hair follicle. The itch is also not helped by the skin underneath the beard becoming dry. So, is there hope, or will trendy people have to walk around itching forever? Beard oil certainly helps the cause!

How does beard oil work?

Beard oils can be made up of different types of oil, such as carrier oils and essential oils. The oils act like a conditioner for the beard hair and surrounding skin by keeping in moisture and adding shine and smoothness. Beard oils usually have pleasant fragrances to leave your beard smelling fresh and clean. These oils massage and moisturise the hair on our face, making them more easy to manage and creating a less fuzzy facial hair which can be more easily groomed.

New innovations in the industry

The cosmetics industry is constantly innovating to meet our changing needs as users of cosmetic and personal care products and this is also the case with beard oil.

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