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Cosmetics are safe for everyone to use, including people living with diabetes.  The safety laws controlling cosmetic products are extremely stringent. In the UK, the manufacture and supply of cosmetics is governed by the UK Cosmetics Regulation, which is part of UK consumer product safety legislation. Compliance is mandatory.  An important part of the law is the requirement for every cosmetic product to undergo a safety assessment before it is allowed to be sold.  The assessment is carried out by a professional with specific qualifications who analyses how the product will be used, by whom, and the science behind each ingredient, to ensure that it is safe for all of us to use.

Diabetes and skin

Diabetes can affect the skin; for example, people living with diabetes are more likely to have dry skin.  Moisturisers help to improve skin dryness by attracting water and conserving it in the skin to increase the water content in the skin’s upper layers.

Speak with your GP or dermatologist for advice on managing the impact of diabetes on your skin.

Should I be using natural and organic products if I am living with diabetes?

You can use any cosmetic product, not just those which make natural or organic claims.  Any ingredient used in a cosmetic product, regardless of whether it is 'natural' or 'man-made', must be safe to be in accordance with strict UK laws. 'Man-made' has no bearing on whether an ingredient is safe to use.

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