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In 2021, CTPA worked alongside the British Skin Foundation (BSF) to produce a series of videos with Consultant Dermatologist and BSF Spokesperson, Dr Anjali Mahto, on the topics relating to sun safety and sunscreen that we can all find helpful!

Please feel free to share these videos, they are here to help us all stay safe in the sun.

The videos in this collection are:

How much sunscreen should you apply?

Dr Anjali Mahto explains how much sunscreen we should be using and how often to reapply! 

How you should look after your skin on a sunny day

Dr Anjali Mahto explains how best to look after ourselves on hot days in the sun! 

Skin of colour

Dr Anjali Mahto explains how different skin tones react to the sun! 

What to look for in a sunscreen

Dr Anjali Mahto explains what we should all look for in the sunscreen that suits us best! 

Vitamin D

Dr Anjali Mahto explains why we need Vitamin D and the best way to get it safely!

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