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New Year - New Hair Colour? Don't forget to conduct an Allergy Alert Test

With the New Year, we sometimes think about trying a change of look for our hair. Whether visiting a salon or making the transformation at home, it's really important to carry out an Allergy Alert Test every time we colour our hair.

Why should I do an Allergy Alert Test?

Although under 2% of the population has the potential to become allergic to hair dyes, because allergies may develop over time, people should always ensure an Allergy Alert Test is carried out.

Remember to buy the product far enough in advance to be able to carry out the test 48 hours before you want to colour your hair. Do take notice of any reactions to the Allergy Alert Test and do not go on to colour your hair if you experience redness, burning or itching.

If you choose to have your hair coloured in a salon or by a mobile hairdresser, your haircare professional will provide an Allergy Alert Consultation.

More information on Allergy Alert Tests can be found here.

CTPA has joined forces with the National Hairdressers' Federation (NHF) in the 'Colour With Confidence' campaign, which highlights the importance of the Allergy Alert Test.

Do I need to carry out an Allergy Alert Test even if I've coloured my hair with the same product before?

Yes. Whichever product you decide to use, even if you have used it before, it is extremely important that all information labelled on-pack and the directions for use are read and followed carefully. This includes always conducting an Allergy Alert Test, as allergies can build up over time.

Does having to carry out an Allergy Alert Test mean that these products are unsafe?

No. It is though unfortunately the case that someone, somewhere could react to an ingredient used in cosmetic products. However, cosmetic safety legislation ensures that cosmetic products are one of the safest classes of consumer products on the market today and it is important to remember that all cosmetic products made available for use in the UK (and across Europe) must comply with strict safety laws. This includes hair products used in the professional setting, such as in hair salons.

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