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Cosmetic Ingredient Information from COSMILE.

Cosmetics play a fundamental role in the lives of the vast majority of people.  It is difficult to think of any other products which serve so many different purposes and to which we have such a strong personal and emotional connection.  Cosmetics help us maintain a basic level of hygiene by ensuring that we look presentable, but they also help us express our identities, boost our confidence, evoke memories and they provide talented professionals with a creative job and an essential livelihood.   

It is no surprise then that there is so much information communicated about cosmetics.  Whether by journalists, bloggers, friends, brands, health professionals and more.  We share our space so intimately with these products and it is no surprise that we can become passionate about seeking the next big trend, sharing tips with others, finding out which product gives the best result for us, understanding how they work, and more. 

One of the challenges created by the sheer quantity of information about cosmetics is knowing which information is reliable, especially when the information relates to ingredients and safety.   

Introducing COSMILE 

If you have seen a chemical name on a product’s ingredient list, or heard about an ingredient and want to know what it is and why it’s in your product, COSMILE Europe is here to help. Cosmileeurope.eu holds the facts about almost 30,000 cosmetic ingredients; for example, it will tell you what an ingredient does, whether it is natural or man-made, which product categories it can be found in, why people are talking about it and the science behind its safety. 

To find the information, it is possible to search the COSMILE website using the ingredient name which is shown on the ingredient list on the product label or in some cases, on the brand or retailer’s website.  All cosmetic ingredient names in the UK and EU follow a standard format called INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients).  Although the primary purpose of this system is to ensure that people with a diagnosed allergy have clarity on which substance they need to avoid, in this case it helps to simplify the process of searching for information because it means that the same word will always be used to describe a specific substance.  

COSMILE also answers important and topical questions about cosmetic and personal care products.  It explains why cosmetic ingredients do not disrupt the endocrine system, the animal testing ban, and why some people can unfortunately experience allergies to cosmetic ingredients. 

The organisation behind COSMILE is Cosmetics Europe, the European personal care association, supported by a number of cosmetic and personal care associations across Europe, including CTPA.  COSMILE is currently available in fourteen languages and more will soon be available.   

Cosmetics Europe is delighted to be sharing this tool with European citizens. There’s a deluge of information on cosmetics on the internet and it can be difficult to know which sources are reliable. The European cosmetics and personal care industry wants to provide European citizens with a simple way to access reliable, verified and scientifically supported information on cosmetics ingredients
John Chave, Director General of Cosmetics Europe

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