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Palm oil

Palm oil and palm kernel oil are natural oils extracted from the fruit of the Elaeis Guineensis (palm) plant.

In 2015, the world market for palm oil and palm kernel oil was estimated to be approximately 60 million metric tons. The vast majority of natural oils and fats are used in food and for cooking. Palm oil is also used in the energy, pharmaceutical and animal feed industries. Palm oil and its derivatives have become important ingredients in cosmetic and personal care products due to the trend towards natural ingredients; but, in terms of global production volumes of palm oil, our use is very small.

There is increasing concern being raised about the global environmental impact of the use of palm oil as a raw material and sustainable development is a challenge involving the whole of society. In dialogue with all social groups, viable and permanent solutions must be sought. This is why the initiative "Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil" (RSPO) aims at developing new solutions for sustainably harvesting palm oil and preventing the destruction of rain forests, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia. Our industry recognises its responsibility to foster sustainable business practices throughout the supply chain and welcomes the fact that such a complex topic is being discussed with all interested parties in an international dialogue among experts.

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