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Hair Dyes Are Safe To Use

16 October 2017

You may have read reports of a review of studies. Read more...

CTPA responds to misleading claims on plastic microbeads in cosmetic products

05 October 2017

You may have seen media reports relating to the forthcoming UK ban on plastic microbeads in cosmetic products. CTPA fully supports the removal of plastic microbeads from cosmetic products and any suggestion otherwise is simply misleading. Read more...

Dermatologists’ Concerns Over Light-cured Gel Nails

28 September 2017

CTPA shares the concerns of the dermatologists.

CTPA's Director-General comments on UK Government’s proposal to ban plastic microbeads in cosmetics

21 July 2017

The UK Government has issued a response after reviewing replies to its public consultation. Read more...

Cosmetics products have no link to breast cancer

01 June 2017

CTPA would like to reassure the millions of people who safely use cosmetic and personal care products every day Read more...

The science behind sunscreen safety - CTPA responds to latest Which? sunscreen report

18 May 2017

Read why you can trust your sunscreens

Swiss study does not prove aluminium causes breast cancer

09 May 2017

You may have read reports about the Swiss National Council’s proposed action following a study Read more...

CTPA backs the British Skin Foundation's AvoidBlackHenna Campaign

04 May 2017

The British Skin Foundation (BSF) has re-issued its seasonal warning Read more...

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